NASNPRO Opens Nominations for First Ever Business Award

The National Aesthetic Spa Network will provide $1,000 to one deserving applicant later this year. // Photo Credit: Kristina Ratobilska/iStock/Getty Images Plus

The National Aesthetic Spa Network (NASNPRO) wants to help spa and wellness professionals grow their small businesses, which is why the network is launching its first-ever NASNPRO Business Award—a $1,000 grant that does not have to be paid back, unlike the traditional small business loan or credit card.

Launched in 2004, NASNPRO was developed to help elevate estheticians and spa professionals through education and networking. A missing component of the program, according to NASNPRO founder and licensed esthetician Denise Fuller, was to offer a financial award to assist network members in their businesses or to further advance their education. What started as small $200 scholarship of a number of years ago has since grown into the new NASNPRO Business Award, where one network member will receive $1,000 to use towards their education or business development at no cost to them.

“Education doesn't stop when you receive your license or open your business,” says Fuller. “Learning is crucial to growth. Being a part of a supportive network, which offers resources, mentoring, and encouragement will build and impact your business and career. By working together, we create a better future and industry together.”


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The award will be granted to one deserving NASNPRO member chosen by the NASNPRO advisory board. To apply, licensed estheticians, owners, and spa professionals must first become NASNPRO members. There is no charge to join NASNPRO or to apply for the award. Applicants must submit a 100-word essay explaining why they feel they are the best candidate to win the award, in addition to sharing what they would use the award for if they won. According to Fuller, the award can be used to create an enticing interior design may be cost prohibitive and overwhelming, or to hire a business coach or invest in legal counsel. The award should assist applicants in their endeavors to become more successful, whatever that means to them.

The deadline to apply is November 15, 2019. To join NASNPRO and to apply for the first-ever NASNPRO Business Award, visit


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