Nelly De Vuyst Launching New Skincare Line

Nelly De Vuyst is launching their new COSMOS & Ecocert certified organic skin care line, The Nelly De Vuyst BioTense Collection. The new line of products will be unveiled at the IECSC Las Vegas 2017 trade show from June 24-26.

The result-oriented high-quality skin care line is completely COSMOS and Ecocert organic certified, eco-friendly, fair trade, vegan, biodegradable, GMO-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, SLS free and cruelty-free. This full range of innovative products includes retail and professional formats of cleansing milk, foaming gel, micellar foam, exfoliant, serum, extract, cream, eye contour gel and 100% mineral sun protection.

"This is the very first COSMOS and Ecocert organic certified skincare collection of its kind offering the most advanced hydrating and anti-aging skin care products for today’s spa industry,” says Manon Pilon, R&D Director for Nelly De Vuyst. "We have selected the most powerful organic active ingredients that are anti-aging and hydrating using the latest delivery system technology based on COSMOS certified biomimetic plant microspheres.


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This vegetal technology ensures a superior skin absorption and a perfect compatibility with the skin. Our COSMOS certified organic ingredients include the latest patented vitamin C, amino acids, fragmented hyaluronic acid, organic plant extracts known for their neuro-relaxing, regenerating and moisturizing properties". COSMOS (COSMetic Organic Standard) is an organic certified label initiated by five European associations and certification groups (Cosmebio, BDIH, Ecocert, ICEA, et Soil Association) working on the certification of organic and eco-friendly products.

“This new organic COSMOS standard is the highest standard of certification available in the cosmetic industry. It includes all the organic requirements already established on the world market (Ecocert, Soil Association, Cosmebio, AB, BDIH, Austria Bio Garantie, Demeter, Nature et Progrès, Natrue, USDA Organic, Ecocert équitable et Max Havelaar) and imposes two new criteria: an additional increase in the content of organic ingredients on the total ingredients of the final product and that all the ingredients are biodegradable,” says Manon Pilon. "In North America, the requirements for organic skincare are not as strict as in Europe. This is the reason why the COSMOS certification of Nelly De Vuyst BioTense skin care line guarantees the highest quality of organic skin care products worldwide for skincare professionals and consumers.”

The Nelly De Vuyst BioTense Collection is available now.