Nelson J Salon Offers Hair Extensions Rental Service

Like most women, I'm constantly changing my look, but I also miss my chopped locks every now and then. Luckily, clients who feel the same way no longer have to contemplate on buying hair to recreate an old look. For the holiday season, Nelson j Salon (Beverly Hills, CA) launched a new service to rent clip-on hair extensions for 75 dollars for special occasions, including holiday and New Year’s parties, Valentine’s Day, and events—perfect for clients who are cost-conscious. "Extensions are a great way to make a statement, without requiring permanent changes, but they are still costly," says Nelson Chan, founder of Nelson j Salon. "Spending around 250 dollars to wear them for one evening is challenging for many budgets, so I thought a rental service would be a great option, but also allow someone to try more than one look during the course of a few months."  

What's Included: The 75 dollar service includes styling, blow out and extension application, seven days of rental, and a self-addressed stamped envelope to return the extensions. In addition, the client can rent the extensions alone for 40 dollars.

Type of Extensions Offered: The hairpieces are made of 100 percent human hair and the client receives 30 extensions. Nelson j Salon also customizes wigs by offering cut, color, and styling services. 

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