The New Normal

Facebook is the second-most visited website worldwide (Google, unsurprisingly, wins the popularity contest online). Other social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram also rank very highly on lists ranking online traffic. This is one of many reasons why spas and other small businesses use social media to promote their brand.  In a survey conducted by Social Media Examiner for small business owners, 96 percent of the participants use social media to promote their business, and 92 percent of those agree or strongly agree with the statement, “Social media marketing is important for my business.” If you’re one of the few not getting social, it’s high time to expand online. Keep reading to learn about other trends Social Media Examiner’s survey discovered.


Facebook is Dominating Small Business Social Media Marketing

The majority of respondents carry out social media marketing on Facebook. 93 percent use Facebook, ahead of the 79 percent that use Twitter. 62 percent of respondents plan on increasing their use of Facebook for marketing purposes in the coming year, and 66 percent will increase Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn activity.


Most Small Businesses Spend 5 Hours or More Weekly on Social Media

33 percent of respondents devote 1 to 5 hours weekly to social media marketing, and 25 percent spend 6 to 10 hours each week.


Small Businesses Identify Increased Exposure as Social Media’s Top Benefit

90 percent of the survey’s respondents said that increased exposure is the number one benefit they’ve seen from using social media. 77 percent cited increased traffic as a benefit, and 69 percent said an additional benefit was developing loyal fans. Other benefits mentioned included improved sales, growth in business partnerships, idea generation, and marketplace insight.


Up next: Tips for implementing social media successfully in your own spa.