A New Skincare App For Pros Takes The "Salesy-Ness" Out Of Product Recs

It's important to stay connected with clients, especially in times like these when there are fewer appointments. SkinForYou, a new app, was created with that in mind. It's designed to connect beauty pros and clients before, after and in-between appointments, and includes features to provide customized product and routine recommendations (with rewards), track client progress, manage scheduling requests and more.

Founded by Dani Everson, a Denver-based stylist and salon owner, SkinForYou was born to not only strengthen the esthetician-client relationship, but to enhance their communication outside of the salon. Everson owned a hair salon for nearly a decade and opened a skincare salon in 2017, so she understands the challenge that stylists and estheticians face when trying to sell product to a client—they feel too "salesy"—plus, the issue of staying connected after the appointment is over. She created SkinForYou with the intention to take that awkwardness out of product recommendations and give clients a personalized approach to skincare. 

Key features include:

Intake forms Streamlines allergies and preferences for skincare products and services (i.e. gluten free, diary free, retinol usage/sensitivity, etc)

Recommendations Aestheticians can search for and recommend new products to their clients, and the app ensures allergies, preferences, sensitivities are clear to the provider

Notifications Allows clients to set notifications preferences on their skincare routine

Easy Admin Skincare brands will be able to manage their own product lines, including potentially how-to videos and “marketing” language, protecting brand equity

Rewards System Points program rewards clients for continuous and ongoing usage of the app

Diary Daily diary feature allows clients to track their daily skin routine and their satisfaction with their skin on a day-to-day basis, which providers can get insight into when helping solve issues or answer questions

In-App Chat Facilitates direct communication between clients and providers confidentially and quickly via in-app chat, discuss reactions/questions

Check it out here.