New Study Reveals that Transparent Face Masks Can Improve Patient Communication

Photo credit: ClearMask

A study published by the Journal of American Medical Association Surgery suggests that doctors who wear the ClearMask transparent face masks improved communication with patients compared to doctors who wear a normal facemask.

Using regular, standard mask block facial expressions and non-verbal cues than can affect communication, patient-provider relationship, and risk for litigation.

 "The study's overwhelmingly positive results on improved communication with the ClearMask validated what we knew all along: being able to see each other's faces is fundamentally human and an integral part of how we connect," says Allysa Dittmar, president of ClearMask. "The study's use of the ClearMask brand and its acceptance into a rigorous journal like the Journal of American Medical Association is a powerful testament to the importance of the ClearMask.

The study included surgeons who were randomly selected to wear a standard or ClearMask during a new patient visit.

Patients who saw those wearing a ClearMask rated their physician significantly higher in providing understandable explanations, demonstrating empathy, and building trust. All patients whose provider wore the ClearMask preferred the transparent masks. "Trust is the cornerstone of surgical care," writes Dr. Margaret Schwarze and Dr. Elle Kalbfell in an invited commentary to the study. "Without it, patients would not let us operate on them or trust our judgment to forgo surgery. And how we speak may be more important than what we say. As surgeons, we do many bold things because they improve patient care, and wearing a clear mask with new patients should be one of them."

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