Noel Asmar Launches Candle Collection

Candle No.1 Sugar Coated Lemon ScentedNoel Asmar, founder of Noel Asmar Uniforms, launched a candle collection, designed for use in spa treatments, hotel rooms, lobbies, lounges, and homes. Inspired by Asmar’s own experiences and memories—and her philosophy to ‘spa anywhere,’ the collection features four different scents, including Sugar Coated Lemon; Sandalwood, Jasmine & Vanilla; Spiced Vanilla; and Tobacco Vanilla. “Our goal is to explore and develop experiences that make life a little nicer, and we feel the candles are a way both service providers and guests can enjoy a moment even more,” says Asmar. Each candle burns for nearly 70 hours, and is made of a soy blend wax with a 100 percent cotton wick.

The collection is now available at


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