Nominations Open for American Spa's Second Annual Women in Wellness Awards

Entries are now open for American Spa's 2018 Women in Wellness Awards. // Graphic via American Spa/Kara Magliaro (American Spa/Kara Magliaro)

Wanting to celebrate women and their accomplishments, American Spa will begin accepting entries for its second annual Women in Wellness Awards March 1 at The awards will focus on the following categories:

  • Industry Icon: We’ll honor a longtime female spa leader, at the spa or manufacturer level, who sees the potential of our industry and has influenced its growth and success.
  • Owner & Operator, Spa or Wellness Facility: We’ll honor the female owner of a spa or wellness facility who makes an impact by successfully managing with business acumen, creativity, integrity, and grace.
  • Founder, Product or Equipment Company: We’ll honor the female founder of a wellness-centric product or equipment company who makes an impact by successfully managing with business acumen, creativity, integrity, and grace.
  • Spa Director: We’ll honor a female spa director who leads a successful team and inspires her staff, her employer, and her clients with savvy business skills as well as courage, integrity, fairness, and creativity.
  • Spa Consultant: We’ll honor a female spa consultant who helps create unique, meaningful, effective, and expertly crafted wellness spaces.
  • Educator & Trainer: We’ll honor a woman who is making a difference in education and sharing her knowledge of industry topics, products, equipment, and more.
  • Philanthropist: We’ll honor a woman who is making an altruistic impact on a charity or cause within the spa and wellness industry.
  • Industry Insider: We’ll honor a woman known as a powerful connector, serving as an inspirational mentor due to her networking prowess and for connecting like-minded members of the wellness world.
  • Environmental Leader: We’ll honor a woman in wellness who is making significant strides in protecting, nourishing, and rejuvenating the planet.
  • PR & Marketing Guru: We’ll honor a woman in wellness-related public relations and marketing, who manages, creates, and shares the message of wellness-related locations, products, equipment, and more.

How will the winners be determined? Each nomination will be charged a $25 entry fee, and all qualified submissions will be judged by a panel of esteemed wellness journalists based on the following criteria:

  • Influence: Does the nominee have the ability to create real change? What impact has she made in the industry?
  • Passion: How does she display her enthusiasm for the industry? Does she exude a true passion for the industry?
  • Inspiration: Is she an inspiration to others? Innovation: Does she think outside the box? Are there examples of how she solves problems?
  • Accomplishments: How does she set herself apart from others? How does she make a difference?

Who is judging? We've gathered an authoritative panel of spa and wellness journalists to judge our second annual Women in Wellness Awards. Having spent many years covering the industry, they are uniquely qualified to evaluate the nominees on their influence, passion, inspiration, innovation, and accomplishments. Returning to the panel is:

  • Mary Bemis, founder and editorial director of
  • Rona Berg, editor-in-chief, Organic Spa media
  • Abbie Kozolochyk, beauty, travel, and wellness writer
  • Liz Ritter, executive managing editor, NewBeauty

New judges to the panel include:

  • Karen Asp, health, fitness, and travel journalist
  • Becca Hensley, travel and lifestyle writer
  • Si Si Penaloza, executive travel editor and director of strategic partnerships, Jetset Magazine
  • Sandra Ramani, senior contributing editor, Organic Spa

Visit to enter, learn more about the judges, and more. The winners of the second annual Women in Wellness Awards will be announced in October.


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