Now You Can Cuddle With (And Adopt) Kittens at Sunrise Springs Resort

Adoptable kittens are available to cuddle at Sunrise Springs Resort // Photo curtesy of Sunrise Springs Resort(Adoptable Kitten / Photo curtesy of Sunrise Springs Resort)

Many spas offer various experiential opportunities other than spa treatments. However, not many spas give guests the chance to play with, train, and maybe even adopt a new pet. At Sunrise Springs Resort (Santa Fe, NM), guests can visit the puppy studio or chicken coop to participate in an array of animal activities like playing or training. This week, the resort announced that it will be working with Española Humane to add cats to its animal wellness program.

Puppies at the Sunrise Springs Resort

The resort has previously collaborated with other non-profit organizations to develop its animal enrichment program. The program originally featured a partnership with Assistance Dogs of the West (ADW), which trains dogs to assist humans. Additionally, the resort has its own chicken coop where guests can feed and hold Silkie chickens, a breed of chickens known for their fluffy feathers. These experiences allow guests to receive the ultimate relaxation by playing with adorable animals. “In many ways, the animal interactions program promotes play, reduces stress, and increases a sense of connection,” says experiential manager Danielle Simmons.

With its newest partnership with Española Humane, guests can visit the cat corral to play with adoptable cats and kittens, meaning not only are guests able to play with the cute cats, they have the option to take them home with them through the resort’s new adoption program.  If a guest connects with a cat and decides to take them home, they can proceed with an adoption (with a nominal fee) thanks to the partnership. If you aren’t a cat person, the Silkie chickens are also available for adoption. All pets will receive proper travel and transport gear to ensure a safe trip home, for an added cost.


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Adoptable Silkie chickens at the Sunrise Springs Resort 

These activities not only benefit the animal, but can improve the health of humans too. “Spending time with animals has been shown to lower cortisol levels, helping to re stress and anxiety,” Simmons said. 

If these activities make you miss your pet at home, the resort is now offering animal communication readings ($119, 50 minutes) with animal communicator, Claudia Mardel. Mardel can connect the animal’s energy, through a photograph of your pet, and can address any issues of behavior, health, or topics of interest.  

Sunrise Springs Resort goes beyond the traditional spa experiences with its animal wellness options. Learn more about the resort’s experiential offerings here.


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