Osea Malibu Launches New Osea Skincare Studio Recycling Program for Earth Month

Osea launches new Osea Skincare Studio Recycling Program // Photo courtesy of Osea.

Just in time for Earth Month 2019, Osea is launching its new recycling program—the Osea Skincare Studio Recycling Program. Beginning April 1, the program will promote a cleaner, more environmentally friendly skincare industry.

“We’re thrilled to launch the Osea Skincare Studio Recycling Program,” says Jenefer Plamer, Osea founder and formulator. “Sustainable practices are a key part of the Osea ethos and we’re so happy that we can help inspire others in our LA community to recycle their Osea products.”

Here's where the program gets fun: for every six Osea Malibu products that customers return to the Osea skincare studio in Los Angeles, they will receive a $40 treatment credit. Products must be returned in-person (so no pawning off your empties on your friends), and the program only applies to full size products and one ounce travel-size products. Sorry, trial sizes and samples are not included.

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Osea is a cruelty-free and vegan company that believes in sustainable practices. A majority of the products produced by the company contain organic seaweed and are sourced from the waters of Patagonia. The company aims to unite the elements–the ocean, sun, earth and atmosphere–to promote feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Other initiatives that the company partakes in include helping to maintain the balance of the marine ecosystem. To execute this, Osea hand-harvests Undaria Pinnatifida Algae, which is classified as an invasive species.

Along with seaweed, the company also incorporates botanicals and essential oils into its products in an attempt to make them safe for anyone to use. Skincare products range from anti-aging, sensitive skin, and blemish care. Products are made domestically in the United States, are non-toxic, and gluten-free.



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