Parsons School of Design Students Compete to Create Sustainable Packaging for Moroccanoil

Moroccanoil has partnered with Parsons School of Design. Photo Credit: Perry Correll/collection/shutterstock

Morrocanoil is giving Parsons School of Design students an opportunity to bring their design concepts to life and into the world market of sustainability. 

For the 2019 fall semester, Moroccanoil, the global leader in oil-infused beauty, has partnered with the Parson School of Design at the New School (New York City) to tap into the creativity of its students and unleash new possibilities in sustainable packaging. 24 students within the MFA Industrial Design and BFA Product Design programs will partake in a classroom competition to create innovative and sustainable solutions for the packaging and distribution of Moroccanoil products. 

“Consistent with the aims of Parsons Product and Industrial Design programs to interrogate local and global practices and imagine more sustainable flows of manufacturing and distribution, our collaboration with Moroccanoil provides students with an opportunity to innovate through user research, life cycle analysis, iterative packaging design and brand identity,” said Robert Kirkbride, dean of Parsons School of Constructed Environment.


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During the course, students will develop new skills and further their knowledge in the areas of user and brand research, concept development, testing analysis, prototyping, and more. Students will then present their finished products to a panel of judges including Moroccanoil cofounder Carmen Tal and sustainability manager Bryan Zimmerman, as well as esteemed members of the Parsons faculty. The judges will select one MFA and one BFA winner that will announced in December 2019. The winners will have the chance to introduce their new packaging concepts to Moroccanoil’s global network of devoted consumers. 

“Our goal is to continue taking steps to further our commitment to the planet, and to create beauty in a more sustainable way that respects the world around us,” said Moroccanoil cofounder Carmen Tal. “We are thrilled to gain access to the next generation of forward-thinking creatives at Parsons and recruit them for an initiative that will live beyond a class project. This is a chance to further our sustainability efforts and give the next generation the opportunity to make a difference.”

Moroccanoil is continuously trying to improve the sustainability of its practices and make contributions to the global movement to reduce its environmental impact. The glass bottles that hold Moroccanoil Treatment contain up to 50 percent recycled glass and are 100 percent recyclable. Moroccanoil recently launched Color Depositing Masks sold in tubes made from 50 percent post-consumer recycled plastic and transitioned the packaging for the Moroccanoil Body Soap from a glossy box to a 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper wrapper. The brand has also partnered with Green Circle Salons, an organization that aims to recycle and repurpose up to 95 percent of beauty waste. 



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