Pevonia Announces the New Pevonia Academy

Pevonia Logo
Photo by Pevonia Pro

Skincare brand Pevonia has announced the new Pevonia Academy. While the brand itself has been supporting education among industry professionals across the globe for more than 30 years, the Academy will provide students with five classes in a new, hands on setting, available in a number of cities across the country, as well as in the Pevonia corporate headquarters in Daytona Beach (FL).

The five classes include Reading Between the Lines – Understanding the ‘Skin Within’: Natural Solutions for Clinical Conditions; Peel & Reveal – Clinical Knowledge for the Advanced Treatment of the Skin; Addressing Adult & Teen Acne from the Inside Out; Trending Anti-Aging Ingredients & Effective Treatments; and Pevonia WellnessFusion Lifestyle Workshop.

Each class will discuss a different skincare related topic. Students of the classes will learn how to identify skin imbalances, treat skin conditions, prescribe skin treatments designed to correct, protect, and maintain skin health, as well as learn how lifestyle and skin habits contribute to ageing and how to correct them. Other topics discussed include choosing the appropriate chemical peel for clients needs, understanding the healing process post-peel, the effects of acne medication and natural acne remedies to use as alternatives, and the latest wellness trends, among others.

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