Pevonia to Host a Series of Training Experiences

(Getty Images)

Pevonia will be hosting its Advanced Age Defense-Volume 1 & 2 seminar on Jan. 23-24 in Atlanta. The training session will be presented by Goldie Bonnell, LST, LMT, post-graduate skincare instructor and account executive for Pevonia and Michele Fenske, vice president of U.S. sales for Pevonia, who will share the skincare brand’s latest innovations.

Bonnell and Fenske will discuss topics such as:

  • High-performance de-aging solutions
  • Escutox and collagen polypeptides
  • Myoxy-caviar
  • Trends in anti-aging therapies
  • Medical trends
  • Fountain of youth ingredients
  • Stem-cell technology

During the session, attendees will learn about beauty becoming an ageless concept, the reason for the increase of anti-aging products and treatments, and why worldwide spa-goers, celebrities, and influencers choose Pevonia’s skincare products.


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Pevonia will also be hosting a training program presented by Christian Jurist, M.D., medical director of global education for Pevonia on Jan. 29 in Long Beach, CA, and on Jan. 30 in San Diego. For both training sessions, Jurist will discuss Pevonia’s latest innovations, including the brand’s new EyeRenew Conceal & De-Age Treatment (demos provided), Micro-Retinol technology, and the science behind the Pevonia brand. Attendees will learn why wellness is on-trend and discover why wellness-related services are estimated to increase by 150 percent to almost $5 billion by 2030. Attendees will also learn how to distinguish themselves from the competition and how they can set their service menu apart from the rest. The cost to attend this training experience is $75 per seat.

For more information and to register for these training experiences, visit