Pop Up Subway Spa

There's no doubt about the popularity of spa—big, small, luxury, and backwoods. Business is booming and each day we love hearing about your creative ideas to make your relaxation destinations stand out and pamper clients. The latest creative incarnation appeared for a limited engagement on an especially balmy subway platform in New York City. Though it wasn't an outpost of one of the many luxury spas in the city, this Subway Spa was a mission of Improv Everywhere. The team set up a sauna and steam area, complete with misters and complimentary water. All 'services' were completely free and enticed a few strap-hangers to linger and indulge in this unexpected spa. Check out this video of the experiment and see for yourselves:


I'm not sure I would trust the breeze from passing trains not to whip my towel away but relaxing in a normally stressful station is spot on. What do you think of this version of spa?


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