Prana Spaceuticals to Debut Mushroom Collection at 2012 ISPA Conference

The Prana SpaCeutical’s  team is excited to unveil its revolutionary new Mushroom Collection at The International Spa Association’s annual conference in Kissimmee, FL.  The Prana SpaCeuticals® Mushroom Collection contains a propriety blend of a variety of medicinal mushrooms that help enhance Cellular recovery. The Reishi mushroom—known throughout Asian culture as the “longevity mushroom”—contains immune-enhancing polysaccharides and powerful antioxidants. Providing immediate results and zero recovery time, the Mushroom Collection is ideal for resorts, day spas and specialty retailers.

The six products in the Mushroom Collection include Active Clarity, Reishi Shield SPF 45, Reishi Mushroom Serum, ReVitale Eye, Revitalize Lips and Reishi Mushroom Ginger Mask. All the products are designed to reduce the presence of free radicals, promote cell regeneration and improve skin texture. “This line is great for all ages and skin types,” says Cherie Dobbs, CEO of Dermastart, parent company of Prana SpaCeuticals. “Mushroom stem cells act like super sponges that eliminate toxins from the skin—making them ideal to combat environmental stress and reduce inflammation. The result is clear and vibrant skin that glows.”

Dobbs became fascinated with the immune-enhancing power of mushrooms while researching cures for father’s neuropathy. “The use of Reishi mushrooms for cancer treatment has been researched extensively at The Mayo Clinic,” says Dobbs. “Reishi mushrooms boost skin immunity and have a remarkable ability to normalize the skin’s pH. The responsibility of mushrooms plays a significant role in targeting inflammation, the key component of aging.”

A healing staple in Asia for thousands of years, Reishi mushrooms and their relatives are known for their ability to improve vitality and increase elasticity of the skin. The Reishi mushroom is used to help reduce skin inflammation, puffiness and wrinkles. Prana SpaCeuticals Mushroom Collection is ideal for hyper-sensitive or immune-compromised skin. The proprietary blend of mushroom stem cells reduces oxidative stress and enhances skin texture, circulation and metabolism. We source only certified medical-grade mushrooms from an FDA–approved lab.

Prana SpaCeuticals Mushroom Collections features adult stem cells derived from the entire Mycelium cell.  Stem cells regenerate the dermal layers by surrounding the older or dying skin cells with new, healthy, cells. Mushroom stem cells can generate an entire new mushroom from just one cell. The properties of mushrooms, enhances cellular energy and improves luminosity and skin thickness.