The Product House Partners with Gharieni

Photo Credit: Gharieni Group (Gharieni Group)

The Product House and Gharieni have partnered to develop a series of spa and wellness treatments that combine Gharieni beds and ultra-therapeutic treatments from skincare brands. Phase one of the collaboration will be Gharieni’s MLX Quartz bed, MLX i³Dome and Spa.Wave System that will become the foundation for a series of concepts and treatment protocols using skincare partners from The Product House, including Aromatherapy Associates, Comfort Zone, Elemental Herbology, and more. “Combining the Gharieni wellness concept beds with powerful spa and wellness products and ranges will not only amplify the effectiveness of our offerings, but also allow spas to present one-of-a-kind, extraordinary experiences to their guests. Guests will be able to reap the full benefits of these ultra-therapeutic signature offerings, achieving unmatched results,” says Janette Watts, founder of The Product House.

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