Pure Massage Spa Training Method Launches New Train the Trainer Courses

Pure Massage Spa Training Method is offering new classes for massage therapist trainers. // Photo via Shutterstock (Shutterstock)

Pure Massage Spa Training Method wants to change the way the massage industry trains its trainers with a new series of educational programs. Combining more than 20 years of knowledge into targeted courses specifically for trainers, the courses are designed to enable trainers to educate, instruct, and deliver optimum massage training to their students each and every time.

Created by Beata Aleksandrowicz, an international speaker, published author, and respected trainer in the massage and wellness industry, the courses will equip the trainers with skills beyond massage techniques to help them engage and transform their therapists. The series includes four distinct options for businesses from international spa and hotel groups to product houses including The Method, The Advanced Training, The Knowledge, and The Basics, followed by an Annual Boot Camp for interested participants.

  • The Method is an intensive, 16-day training program that combines coaching, emotional intelligence, and self-care. Trainers will learn how to design the perfect massage as well as how to teach their therapists how to deliver treatments that are beneficial for both themselves and the client. It includes training for three Pure Massage treatments, including Back and Body, Face Massage, and Pregnancy. Trainers will benefit from personal development plans, wellness guidance follow-ups, and post-training support.
  • The Advanced Training focuses specifically on Back and Body Massage over the course of 10 days. Participants will learn simple steps on how to develop their emotional intelligence to aid in delivering the optimal massage, ranging from basic relaxing massages to deep tissue techniques. This course also offers personal development plans, wellness guidance follow-ups, and post-training support.
  • The Knowledge three-day intensive course to centers on all concerns relating to mental, physical, and emotional self-care, postural awareness, effective communication, consistency in massage, and burn out and injury prevention, especially repetitive strain injury (RSI). It will answer all fundamental questions a trainer might encounter on a daily basis. Participants will develop skills in self-care, communication, feedback, and teaching. The course also includes a personal development plan for each trainer, as well as wellness guidance and a certification.
  • The Basics is a four-hour workshop designed to boost the confidence and commitment of trainers, focusing on the essentials of how to stay motivated and healthy while training. It also addresses teaching and how teaching may be perceived by therapists. The workshop also includes wellness guidance.

For trainers who have completed the three-, 10-, or 16-day trainings, the two-day Annual Bootcamp is a reboot to refocus, revitalize, and reset therapists’ goals. Tailored to the needs of each group, this is highly targeted and interactive work, with group exercises and one-to-one time, and allows time to prepare a yearlong plan for goal setting in the future.

For more information on the Pure Massage Spa Training Method, visit www.puremassage.com.


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