Qosmedix Introduces Intrinsics Naturally Cotton Spa Products

Qosmedix has added Intrinsics Naturally Cotton Spa and Salon products to its extensive line-up. Intrinsics is known for providing the most superior cotton products on today’s market. The product offering available to Qosmedix customers includes the Intrinsics Toe Rope (Part # 503826), Petite Silken Wipes (Part # 93302), Large Silken Wipes (Part # 93312), Roll 100% Naturelle Cotton (Part # 93500), Wide Cotton Band (Part # 93507), X'Tra Thick Cotton Pad (Part # 93508), Pillowettes and  Disposable Bikinis, White (Part # 95203). Visit www.qosmedix.com to order or to learn more about these products.