Retailer Anthroplogie Launches New Skin Care Line

A cultural anthropologist, Dr. Tramayne Butler, has just launched a new 100% natural spa skin care line that combines beauty secrets from around the world. The line called, AnthroSpa Logic, uses a combination of exotic, natural ingredients used for centuries by native peoples both medicinally and in beauty treatments to care for their skin.

Founder and CEO, Dr. Butler used her background in anthropology as a basis for creating the line. Fascinated by some native peoples who seemed to have flawless skin, Dr. Butler decided to combine the beauty secrets of cultural groups like the Japanese Geisha, with those of other groups like African and Native American tribes. "Indigenous cultures have long used organic substances to care for their skin," noted Dr. Butler. "I wanted to create spa quality products that are as natural as possible, similar to the raw organic substances that were used by native peoples."

The line contains no chemicals or preservatives and responds to a growing consumer demand for natural and organic personal care products. Because they contain no preservatives, the products are packaged dry, similar to dried foods. Consumers add their own water in the tub and shower. The scrubs and masques respond to the new trend and growing demand for multitasking products that serve two or three functions. Designed to have an anti-aging effect on the entire body, they contain no soap or clay to dry and prematurely age the skin. To cleanse, the scrubs for face and body include a unique botanical long used by Native Americans and in Europe during the middle ages as soap.

"AnthroSpa Logic draws on the wisdom of traditional cultures to create spa quality skin care products that are simple, natural, and multitasking. Complicated beauty regimens can be daunting, and we want to simplify the way people care for their skin," Dr. Butler remarked.

Dr. Tramayne M. Butler founded AnthroSpa Logic, LLC ( in 2007 shortly after receiving her Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from the University of Michigan. Inspired by her cultural research in Kenya and travels to London, Paris, Nice, Italy and Monaco, Dr Butler felt that a natural skin care line could benefit from a cross-cultural approach. While teaching part-time as an adjunct professor of anthropology, Dr. Butler started researching and developing her line while at home with her two young sons. To learn more about AnthroSpa Logic's unique products and to order online visit the website.