Safety Tips

Sandal season is upon us, so your pedicure appointments likely to book up quickly. We know spas do everything they can to ensure sanitary and relaxing facilities for all services, including nailcare. Just to put guests completely at ease, we have safety tips from board-certified podiatrist and inventor of daniPro nail polish Gary Evans. Here’s what he recommends for mani-pedi clients:

Pedicure Safety:

  1. Do not shave feet or legs for at least 24 hours before getting a pedicure. Shaving leaves micro tears in the skin and can leave you open to infections (bacterial, fungal, or viral).
  2. Keep the bubble off: avoid Jacuzzi-like foot baths. The jets that create the bubbles can harbor fungus, bacteria, and viral infections such as warts. 
  3. Use a pumice stone or foot file on corns or calluses. If calluses or corns are painful, clients should see a podiatrist.
  4. Always bring your own nail polish. You don't know where the brush has been from salon polishes. Toxin-free polishes are recommended.
  5. Bring your own instruments that cannot be sterilized such as nail files, pumice stones, and nail buffers.
  6. Never let a salon cut your cuticles, as they are a protection against fungus and infections.
  7. Never let a salon cut into the corners of your nails, as that causes painful ingrown toe nails. Nails should be cut across the contour of the nail.
  8. Only use instruments at the salon that you know have been sterilized.
  9. Many spas/salons use an additive in the foot baths that has been proven to kill fungus and bacteria without harm to your feet so ask if they use it.
  10. Do not walk barefoot in a salon.

Lasting Manicures:

  1. Use a very fine metal or glass file (or a superfine emery board) to prevent tearing nails.
  2. File in one direction to avoid peeling and breakage.
  3. Avoid shaping the sides of nails to prevent weakening them.
  4. Apply cuticle oil daily to reduce dryness and irritation from handy work.
  5. Use a chip- resistant nail polish.
  6. Minimize exposure to water (i.e. wear gloves when doing dishes).
  7. Always wear a topcoat to prevent chips and breakage.

What does your spa add to nail services to enhance the experience?