Saks Partners with Nail Salon to Offer 2-in-1 Meditation and Mani

New Yorkers can now get a touch of calm with their weekly manicure, courtesy of sundays’ new partnership with INSCAPE. sundays, an innovative nail studio that started Nomad, has a keen focus on wellness, with non-toxic nail polishes, a serene and peaceful décor and an upstairs lounge set as an urban oasis with Danish chairs, a curated selection of books and tea-on-tap. The nail salon has expanded its offering to The Wellery, a new level at the iconic Saks Fifth Avenue dedicated to wellness. 

Commencing in May, clients will be able to experience a new nail treatment designed to help them relax and take a moment for themselves. Upon sitting, the nail expert will ask the client how they’re feeling, and select an essential oil that best suits their response. Headphones are then provided for them to listen to a short guided meditation from INSCAPE while the nail expert massages their hands and does a manicure. Once the meditation has finished the client has the option to continue listening to relaxing meditation music until the manicure is complete.

The treatment is part of sundays' ongoing commitment to the belief that meditation and beauty go hand-in-hand: that meditation enhances your inner wellbeing, and in turn, helps your outer beauty shine brighter. Says sundays founder Amy Lin, “We believe that the root of beauty is tranquility within the mind, body, and soul. Our 2-in-1 meditation and manicure is the embodiment of self-love and self-care.” sundays clients who sign up for the treatment can access the INSCAPE app for free and attend one free class in the studio, as part of a special promotion running until July.