Saltability Announces Partnership with Seagull Services

Saltability has announced a partnership with Seagull Services, a nonprofit organization that provides advocacy, workforce development, and employment services for approximately 100 teens and adults with disabilities and their families. Through this partnership, Seagull Services’ employees will be measuring, packaging, and labeling Himalayan salts and Saltability products for wholesale and retail purchase. “Intentionality is a guiding theme behind everything we do at Saltability, from the products we purchase, to the services we offer, to the organizations we choose to partner with,” says Ann Brown, founder and CEO of Saltability. “Since deciding on our relocation, we’ve made it a priority to find ways to invest in our new community and be proactive and intentional about how we can make a difference. Seagull is a life-changer for so many employees and their families, and I’m thrilled to be partnering with an organization whose mission enriches the lives of others.”

For more than 40 years, Seagull Services has offered educational, social, vocational, transportation, and residential services aimed to promote achievement, self-reliance, and independence for people who otherwise might face difficulty finding long-term employment. “Seagull Services assists individuals with life challenges affecting their self-sufficiency to live in dignity and realize their full potential,” says Barbara Nurenberg, president and CEO of Seagull Services. “Training and education for people with disabilities are key components of that mission, and the Saltability partnership provides Seagull’s program participants new employment and vocational training opportunities.”

The types of skills involved in fulfilling the Saltability contract require attention to detail, which is important for each of Seagull’s program participants to master. Seagull also employs a full-time worker for quality control, who helps ensure all of the work performed in the organization’s fulfillment house upholds strict standards. “Seagull’s reach in the Greater Palm Beaches and Southern Martin County is incredible,” says Brown. “They’re meeting their mission each and everyday enriching lives, erasing barriers, and helping people soar. I’m confident that Seagull’s strong and capable workforce will allow us to continue delivering the quality product packaging our customers expect while supporting and encouraging Seagull’s employees to find independence and fulfillment through their work.”