Shortcuts Software Introduces New Features

Shortcuts S.M.A.R.T System (Shortcuts Marketing, Analytics and Reporting Technologies), a range of online products designed to help enhance client experience and boost business, added a daily summary of reviews and notifications feature to it’s S.M.A.R.T Suite, along with mobile client information cards, which allows spas and salons to collect contact details and more from clients on an iPad or tablet while waiting at the stylist station. “A negative online review can damage a brand in an instant and the worst thing a spa or salon can do is ignore it,” says Paul Tate, CEO of Shortcuts Software North America. "With Shortcuts S.M.A.R.T spas and salons can monitor every day who is saying what and they can respond rapidly to promote the positives socially, and also reduce brand damage and resolve negative experiences.” S.M.A.R.T also displays spa and salon Net Promoter Score (NPS) average over the past 12 months. NPS was developed by global management consulting firm Bain & Company to give businesses instant insight to what clients thought of their appointment within a few moments of leaving the salon. Says Tate, “Beyond the instant ability to react to negative feedback, the average score will give our salons an idea of where they rank for overall satisfaction. More than just satisfaction, this score reveals how likely a client is to refer new business, which is crucial in our industry.” The new updates will be passed on automatically to existing S.M.A.R.T customers, and include a range of performance and adjustments that stem from user feedback and industry trends.