Simply Chic Eyebrows

Eyebrow trends don't always look good on everyone, and many of us have the middle school class photos to prove it. Luckily, spring brows are more about color and contrast than changing the shape, which means it’s time to put down the tweezers. Boom Boom Brow Bar (New York City) is embracing the thick, gorgeous eyebrow look and helping clients achieve it. For blondes with light brows especially, a tint is needed to get the full effect. “Tinting is the easiest way to make your brows look thicker and longer, because it adds richness, tone and depth to brow hairs, as well as slightly tints the skin underneath, magically filling in sparse areas,” says Malynda Vigliotti, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar. “And, those teeny-weeny little baby hairs that go unnoticed all of a sudden band together and look bold.” Making brows just a little lighter or darker can change appearance drastically, that is why it’s crucial for estheticians to make sure their clients get the right color.

  • Always use a vegetable-based dye around the eye area
  • Never lift brow color, use deposit only color
  • Go a little bolder to define brows and match the color to skin and hair undertones
  • Always use SPF on brows for UV protection
  • Recommend a brow powder for clients to use on a daily basis for added definition and boldness

More tips on eyebrows here and here to share with clients.—Tatiana Makarevich