The Spa Association Releases 2014 Spa Trends Report

Wellness The Spa Association (SPAA) recently published its 2014 Spa Industry Trends Report, which captures the global spa and wellness trends, offering insight to spa, beauty, hospitality, wellness, and travel firms that focus on the spa-goer demographic. “The spa dynamic is spilling over into complementary areas like fitness and food preparation,” says Melinda Minton, executive director of SPAA. “Wellness is an obvious good fit with spa. In fact, many of the elements now seen in the spa demographic are difficult to separate from wellness because they are so naturally blended.” Minton also adds that technology is moving at an exponential rate and will affect the spa-goer. “Sensors at retail stores, full body scanners, and smart wear will allow the consumer and the spa or wellness professional to target the client’s needs with laser sharp accuracy. Hydration, biofeedback, and efficiency of body systems will all come into play when diagnosing a lifestyle program for the individual,” says Minton.


  • Green Branding and Guilt Free Consumerism
  • Spa and Wellness Technology
  • Smart Wear
  • Spa Travel
  • Fast or Slow Spa
  • Beauty vs. Wellness
  • Global Brain, Local Tribe
  • Wellness, Spa Medicine, and Longevity
  • The Enlightened Spa
  • Ultra Luxury 

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