The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Orlando Celebrates World Sleep Day With Special Offerings

Photo credit: The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Orlando

In celebration of World Sleep Day, on March 19, 2021, The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort is offering several relaxing massage treatments and homecare products to assist guests with drifting into dreamland and feeling like their best self.

The signature Sleep Ritual Massage ($375, 80 minutes) offered at The Spa since 2018 aims to induce a complete state of relaxation and sleep readiness, and is accompanied by a homecare kit to assist with achieving the ideal sleep at home, night after night. The custom treatment incorporates breathing techniques that focus on seven specific somatic zones, plus a combination of sleep-inducing botanical scents and touch therapies that are designed to be ultra-relaxing, eliminating stress and tension and creating the perfect state of sleep readiness. “Sleep loss is really affecting people age 30 and older," says Robert Michael deStefano, sleep wellness expert and co-founder of wellness company Longeva. "It's no mystery, as so many of us are hardwired into our phones and laptops nearly 24/7. Our eyes, body, and brain become exhausted, but our minds find very little rest. The negative effect is immediate and cumulative, from sluggish and foggy, to weight gain and mounting anxiety. Learning how to break this negative cycle sooner than later is a wellness must-do. Our Sleep Ritual Massage and the take-home DreamKit will help remove the mental and physical barriers to sleep, replacing sleep negative behavior with sleep positive actions, beliefs, and results.”

The spa also offers the Essential Sleep Drip ($225). This Vitality Drip treatment, an intravenous infusion administered by a registered nurse in collaboration with Olga Ivanov, M.D., is aimed at promoting a restorative sleep. The Essential Sleep Drip includes B complex vitamins and minerals including magnesium, zinc, and selenium. Ivanov, a cancer surgeon who has been administering IV Vitamin Therapy to treat patients since 2015, believes that a powerful combination of B family vitamins and essential minerals such as magnesium will promote deep, restorative, quality sleep by optimizing the body’s natural hormone balance, including the sleep hormone melatonin.

For couples, The Spa is offering the Spa Sweet Dreams ($2,000 per couple) nighttime spa package, available exclusively on March 19, 2021 for registered overnight guests of the resort. The package includes private after-hours access to The Spa, where the couple can have full access to the steam room, whirlpool, experience shower, and vanity area/lounge. Upon arrival, couples will experience a Relax Vitality shot, followed by the Sleep Ritual Massage, in a side-by-side couples suite. Afterward, the couple will have choice of prosecco or tea service for two at The Spa’s private whirlpool, where they can relax for an hour in the tranquil outdoor setting. 


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