Spa Operations Consulting Specialist Launches SpaHive

SpaHiveIn April, JMPankey Partners, a spa operations consulting and brand development specialist, launched SpaHive. This one-day business educational event is designed to help businesses grow and increase revenue. Pankey’s vision for SpaHive is to provide an environment where industry leaders, owners, managers, directors, founders, and entrepreneurs can come together and learn from each other’s strengths. The event is scheduled for June 13 at the The Publik House in the Greater Boston area and is limited to 50 participants. Unlike a trade show with workshops and product demonstrations, SpaHive attendees will come together to work in groups to learn from one another and raise the standards of spa. “We will need to limit registration to 50 participants so that attendees will get the most out of the mastermind session,” says Pankey. “We want participants to be able to work in small groups to solve challenges and develop takeaways that they can implement immediately.”

The SpaHive agenda features presentations by Adam Blake, cofounder of small-business marketing platform Thrive Hive and Jeff Kushmerek, vice president of VirginPulse, which designs technology that cultivates good lifestyle habits for employees. Blake will discuss how attendees can drive and measure online and offline marketing efforts. Kushmerek will share insights on corporate wellness programs. Both presenters will address how to develop brand awareness and untraditional revenue streams. “The SpaHive presenters are hand-selected from the technology industry,” says Pankey. “They will provide insight and tools for spas to use so that owners and directors can focus on what they do best.”

Attendees will also have the opportunity to focus on their own business—dissecting and reassembling them—to identify the challenges they face and opportunities for growth. At the event, Pankey will also debut a social network for spa industry professionals, so SpaHive attendees from around the world can stay connected in a private online network. “With the spa industry ever changing, it is impossible to be “in the know” all the time,” says Pankey. “Sometimes, you need to be taken out of your element for a day to improve who you are and what you do.”

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