Spa Week

Spa week…. were you on board?

Were you or your spa a part of the nationwide fun?

My skin and body were tired and I needed some R & R so I gave my skin and spirit what it needed... locally. Although I travel all over and have had the pleasure of some delightful services at beautiful spas, I had never tried a resort here in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Ponte Vedra Spa and Inn has a five-diamond status and I was so excited to play hooky from work and escape!

I booked an appointment for the Old World Salt Scrub and a Deep cleansing facial on another day too!

The spa is a beautiful place with twenty glorious treatment rooms.
For only $50.00 dollars, I was scrubbed, rubbed and pampered.
I also had a delightful (not a “fat farm”) lunch that was delicious. This chef was amazing!

They served Sencha hot teas, fresh-diced strawberries, limes and orange water refreshing. The shiny green apples were fresh and crunchy too!

The PV SHOPPE was a shoppers paradise. Retailing is a wonderful thing!

The pool and outside spots to have a vitamin D sun bath peaceful. The lounge areas were filled with flowers and tropical plants surrounded me!

It was fun being on the other end. I also thought I was a very wealthy tourist who does not work outside the home. It was strange playing for the day in my own back yard.

My only wish is they scrubbed my PEEPS off. You know those squshy marshmallow delights in the shape of bunnies and chicks. My thighs and I love them way too much!

I know you are busy too but I hope someday you escape and have a play day with your staff or yourself and partake of what other spas have to offer. You will learn something NEW and get a little rest and relaxation too!

Escape or partake of SPA week and get your party started for new clients. It was a relaxing amazing ride! I am glad I did. You will too!

Let me hear from you if you escaped and played hooky too!