SPAball Golf Ball Massage Licensing Available to Spas

SPAball Massage SPAball Kaddy

GBM (Golf Ball Massage) Health is now offering licensing of SPAball Massage packages to spas and resorts worldwide. The company introduced its use of golf balls and its patent pending SPAball Kaddy for therapeutic massages a few years ago. Now, the SPAball Kaddy, the first ergonomically balanced, cup-like device that cradles a standard golf ball, allows the therapist to push more deeply into the muscles, providing more targeted, therapeutic results. Therapists trained in the specialized practice of SPAball Massages can offer three different packages at spas and resorts internationally: Gold Essential, a deep massage with stretches and techniques to help a golfer perform better; Deep Essential, a deep tissue with special cross fiber techniques to help prevent injury and relax sore muscles; and Relax Essential, a therapeutic and relaxing massage with deep rolling techniques. These packages also include a free SPAball Kaddy for self-care to use between massage services, providing customers a guide for health empowerment at home, in the office, or while traveling.

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