SpaCare Group Introduces BioExperience Four Seasons

SpaCare Group is pleased to announce the launch of BioExperience, a complete line of retail and professional bodycare products from Canada that incorporate natural minerals and ingredients native to Canadian forests and plains. Fruit Blossoms and Honey; Boreal Forest; Maple Bliss; and Iced Apple Elixir invoke the feeling of the four seasons and provides the benefits of natural ingredients to both the client’s skin and the therapist’s hands. Says Julie LaFrance, founder of BioExperience, “From the pure pleasure of harvesting fresh apples to the enjoyment of a stroll in the woods to contemplate the magnificent trees and feast on delicious maple syrup, I invite you to experience the best of what our land has to offer through our BioExperience bodycare treatments.”

Fruit Blossoms and Honey: The skin-nourishing and moisturizing properties of honey are incorporated into this line, which revitalizes and stimulates the skin.

Boreal Forest: This line freshens and tones the skin with essences of balsam fir, black spruce, cedar from the pristine forests of the Canadian wilderness, and juniper.

Maple Bliss: Maple sap flows at the beginning of a new seasonal cycle and symbolizes renewal. This line imparts deep moisture and properties that encourage skin cell renewal.

Iced Apple Elixir: From a complex blend of apples grown in Quebéc Province, this line balances the skin’s pH levels, infuses antioxidant protection, and leaves the skin soft, radiant, and moisturized.

The philosophy behind BioExperience is based in a reverence for nature, a pride in its native Canada’s natural resources, and a devotion to the high-quality ingredients.