Spafinder Announces Brand Evolution

Spafinder LogoFor more than 25 years, Spafinder has been the global leader for spa travel and information, and this week, the company got a makeover, rebranding itself as Spafinder Wellness 365. A comprehensive resource created to make everyday healthy living easier and more accessible,’s new platform features 20,000-plus fitness, wellness, and spa partners worldwide. The revamped website, which was designed to inspire people to find their own path to wellness by providing access to experiences, influencers, tips, and trends, offers expanded lifestyle content and video, new mobile technology, such as geo-targeting and enhanced on-the-go access, and more. “We believe that keeping well is not a luxury, but a necessity to live your fullest and best life possible,” says chief brand officer Mia Kyricos. “In today’s world, living well can be a challenge, and our research shows that people are seeking help while pursuing their own unique paths to wellbeing. Spafinder Wellness 365 was created to be their partner–to give people the inspiration, ideas, and options to do just that –and this is just the start.” To that end, the company plans to continue the expansion of its online community and will roll out additional features and new technology during the next year. Says Kyricos, “We know that to feel good and live well means different things to different people—our ultimate goal is to be the world’s best resource to help people feel good and live well all year round.”