Spas2b Online Spa Management Courses #1 & 2 are now classified as CIBTAC Endorsed



After rigorous testing, CIBTAC have awarded the Spas2b Inc. Online Spa Management Distance Learning Courses with their sought after authenticated accreditation status which classifies the Spas2b Inc. training programs as CIBTAC Endorsed.

Now with CIBTAC's endorsement of quality assurance for the best training and Spas2b's established reputation in over 50 countries around the globe; you, your customers, your students and staff can feel secure in knowing your Spa Management credentials are recognized as being among the highest business standards in the world; tailored to provide for the requirements of the international industry.


"I have spent the last couple of weeks reviewing the contents and I find the information contained to be
extremely informative, produced with obvious care and attention to detail,  in the highest quality.  I am confident in the quality of this program and its content".


Debra Morris, CIBTAC,

Education Development


CIBTAC is one of the longest established awarding bodies within the health and beauty sector in the world, with Head Offices located in the UK. 

The fundamental differences between CIBTAC courses and local state or Government qualifications, is recognition.  If you wish to work outside of your country of origin, it's important to be aware that not all of your local qualifications will be accepted internationally.  CIBTAC has worked with many Governments internationally, to help develop qualifications to meet all standards of practice.  CIBTAC is now officially accepted in 26 countries, and growing.


Why choose Spas2b Inc. Spa Management Education?

  • A Proven Track Record- Spas2b Inc. and Leslie Lyon have been established in the industry for over 25 years, with premium quality management courses and resources, recognized in over 50 countries worldwide and growing.
  • CIBTAC Endorsed- Now with Spas2b's track record AND CIBTAC's Endorsement, you will enjoy unrivalled recognition and professional standing in the Spa, Health & Wellness and Beauty sectors, worldwide.
  • CEU Approved- All Spas2b Inc. courses are approved by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario for Continuing Education Units (CEU’s).


Which Course should you choose?

Opening a Spa or Salon? 

The Spas2b Spa Start Up, Management & Operations Course #1 will help ensure your successful entry into this dynamic, ever-evolving industry.  Learn how to run a smooth, consistently professional business with long-term, profitable results.

Employed or soon to be employed Spa Professional?

Boost your career potential & credibility with the Spas2b Spa Management & Operations Course #2.  Learn how to “think more like a manager” and become the candidate businesses will compete to hire.  

Interested in a Spa Management or a Spa Consulting Career?

Spa Directors are the single most sought after position in the Spa and Salon industry today.  OR if it is Spa Consulting that you wish to pursue, either way, the Spas2b Spa Start Up, Management & Operations Course #1 will help you gain the expertise required to help you realize both your short and long-term career goals, whatever they may be! 


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Spa Management Course #1:   Spa Start Up, Management & Operations

Spa Management Course #2:   Spa Management & Operations

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"I have known Leslie Lyon for the last two years. She is a "living encyclopedia" of the Spa industry. Having the thorough knowledge of this booming industry, what surprises me is her willingness to help others. Whenever I am stuck with any professional queries, and I cannot find answers, Leslie is the person I can approach. She has always given me the right information, she has taken time out from her busy schedule to make research, inquiries and helped me out on difficult topics related to the Spa business.

I have taken up the "Spa Start Up & Management Course" from Spas2B, and the material covers all the aspects of understanding the Spa business completely. I use the material as reference to any queries I face in day-to-day business and it gives me what I need, the right tools to become a knowledgeable and better Manager. Leslie, I am very much obliged to you for the advancement of my career and I cannot be thankful enough for your timely help, whenever I need your professional guidance.  God bless you!"


Dr. Pramod Mane, Hangzhou China