Sranrom Launches Spring/Summer 2014 Product Collection

Sranrom Papaya Rejuvenate Sranrom has officially launched its spring and summer product collection, Frutilicous, this week at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa (IECSC) in New York City, which includes four paraben- and petroleum-free skincare lines featuring cheerful scents of Thai fruits, such as lychee, a sweet and sour indulgence; mango, a passionately sweet delight; papaya, a fruity cocktail blend; and watermelon, which diffuses the fun of summertime. The Lychee Delicious collection includes Moisturizing Body Mousse, Moisturizing Hand Mousse, Yogurt Body Masque, Body Massage Creme, and more. The Mango Passion line features Smoothie Body Wash, Massage Oil, Moisturizing Body Mousse, Sherbet Sugar Scrub, Mousse Body Masque, Nourishing Neck & Décolleté Cream, and more. Papaya Rejuvenate includes Exfoliating Facial Scrub, Nourishing Face Masque, and Moisturizing Face Cream. The Watermelon Breeze collection is ideal for dry and dehydrated skin, and contains Smoothie Body Wash, Moisturizing Body Mousse, Jelly Body Masque, Massage Cream, and more. “Sranrom thus far concentrated on wellness and aromatherapy only,” says Dinara Akhmetzyanova, brand ambassador for Sranrom (USA) and president of Authentic Wisdom, LLC. “This spring and summer, Sranrom decided to offer new and a fun collections for spas to offer their clients during spring and summer of 2014. I can assure that anyone who will try our new collection will fall in love with it.”

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