Sunlighten Debuts New Infrared Sauna Technology

Sunlighten Community Solocarbon Far Infrared SaunaSunlighten, an infrared sauna technology company, has introduced an ADA-compliant far infrared sauna featuring solocarbon technology, which has been clinically shown to lower blood pressure, increase core temperature, and aid in weight loss. Available in an industrial-grade design that is 100 percent compliant with the American Disabilities Act, the sauna features an exterior ramp with safety rails and a brushed finish to prevent slipping. Made from eucalyptus wood and with 16-gauge electrical wiring and a non-toxic gauge and waterproof sealant to protect from sweat, the sauna includes removable benches with three different variations for use and acoustic resonance therapy enhancement, which combines the healing effects of sound and vibration to balance the brain waves to bring the body to a deeper state of relaxation. “Our new ADA sauna offers the most effective and safest far infrared technology available,” says Connie Zack, chief sales officer of Sunlighten. “With the versatility and options we offer, such as removable benches for additional space and acoustic resonance therapy, our customers can truly empower themselves to live healthier.” The sauna also provides a healing environment that is suitable for persons with physical disabilities.

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