Take a Breath of Fresh Air With Forest Breathing Stations

This new invention used in European spas may reverse aging and illness. // Photo Credit: Airnergy International GmbH

Take a breath of fresh air, and start reaping the benefits of Airnergy. The innovative Germany-based company has revolutionized oxygen delivery and treatment with the creation of its Airnergy machines. Users inhale air treated and spiralized by the machines for 21 minutes. The air that is ingested makes it easier for cells to effectively use oxygen without creating any harmful, oxidizing effects. Positive results quickly set in because improved oxygen utilization promotes mitochondrial cell activity and communication, regulates metabolism, and releases new energy vital for healing.

Airnergy uses a patented system based on methods from photosynthesis, special light waves, and catalysts. The FDA has approved Airnergy machines as medical devices, but high-end spas across Europe have integrated them into their menus for their profound effects, under the fitting name of “Airnergy Forest Breathing Stations.”

Peter Droessel, hotel spa consultant, integrated Airnergy machines into the wellness concept CitySpa Cocoons at the Breidenbacher Hof Hotel (Düsseldorf, Germany). As a business hotel, Droessel hopes to create a relaxing environment in which guests can unwind. The noiseless circular treatment rooms provide Forest Air treatment using the specialized breathing stations.

Airnergy’s research is reinforced by the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, which was awarded to Dr. William Kaelin Jr., Sir Peter Ratcliffe, and Dr. Gregg Semenza for their research on how cells manage oxygen. According to some researchers, it may be possible to reverse aging and illness by returning the patient to a more aerobic, oxygenated state, with healthy circulation, and balanced gut and mitochondrial health. Additionally, a new theory on the initial cause of chronic illness, autoimmune disease, and aging appears to support the benefits of Airnergy treatment.

Airnergy has been incorporated into treatments for a range of disorders including chronic pain with connective tissue, acidemia, macular degeneration, chronic illness recovery (MS, COPD, and Scleroderma), muscle tension, migraines, and surgery recovery.

Whether used medically or for personal wellness, this new innovation makes the pathway to health a breeze. As Airnergy CEO Guido Bierther says, "Life is in the air."


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