Touch and Vibration Cancer Care Program Teaches Treatments for Oncology Patients

Christine Clinton Cancer Care has partnered with Eastern Vibration to bring healing touch and sound therapy to clients diagnosed with cancer. Oncology patients with compromised immune systems often can't partake in typical spa services, like nail and thermal experiences. The Touch and Vibration Cancer Care program provides a team of specialists and wellness professionals who offer unique sound therapy treatments that are safe and beneficial for oncology patients. Christine Clinton, massage therapist, skincare specialist, educator, and entrepreneur in the spa industry heads the team, which includes Eastern Vibrations founders Christine and Jahmaal Hays, Joanne Berry of Spa Remedies Consultancy, and Michele Roche of Urban Wellness. "There's growing interest in using sound frequency to boost human health, and research backs it up," says Christine Hays. The Journal of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine recently published a review of 20 studies of brain-wave entertainment and patient outcomes. In it, they discovered brain-wave entertainment is an effective tool to use on cognitive functioning deficits, stress, pain, sleep disorders, and headaches. "This therapy can have a profound healing benefit for those who have impaired immune systems," says Christine Hays.

The Touch and Vibration Cancer Care Program ($2,100 plus trainer accommodations and meals) allows properties to offer a one-day interactive workshop for up to 10 participants. The workshop will include discussions on the theory of both cancer care and sound therapy, along with a full-hour protocol and service menu description, with additional treatments and protocols available. Properties will also receive an Eastern Vibration Kit, which includes six, eight-, and 10-inch bowls; a Koshi Bamboo Chime; and the Ayur-Kansa, an Ayurvedic massage tool made of teak and the same metals as signing bowls. Clinton will also be offering a three-day certification program in touch therapy to treat oncology patients in conjunction with the sound-healing program, and Eastern Vibration will offer extended sound-healing training for one-on-one full body or treatment enhancements and group sessions.