TouchAmerica Launches Custom Retail Displays

TouchAmerica and Contento Marketing have partnered to create custom product display solutions for use in spas, salons, and wellness facilities. With this new solution, clients have the option to submit their own unique designs for TouchAmerica to either manufacture or work closely with TouchAmerica and Contento to create and design displays to fit their specific needs. Upon request, Contento's creative team will also design and produce visual graphics as backdrops that are custom-fit to a company’s display units. “TouchAmerica has been working with Contento for marketing and PR support for the past few years, and the results have been outstanding,” says Stewart Griffith, CEO of TouchAmerica. “We are excited about offering the sustainable retail solutions we have already created for many well-known companies in the salon and spa industry. Now we offer this service to all skincare and spa and salon product companies wanting to create retail solutions for their spa partners.”

The display units are built specifically to showcase brands in their best light with dynamic graphics to draw attention to a brand’s products in a retail setting. Clients can choose from floor, wall-mounted, and portable, convertible displays in variations of materials and colors. TouchAmerica will also provide detailed computer-aided design (CAD) drawings within 10 days for a client’s approval before production begins. Then, the finished products will be delivered in an average of six to eight weeks. “I introduced a few of my skincare clients to TouchAmerica to create a wide range of retail displays in both affordable manmade materials and sustainable bamboo,” says Nancy Griffin, principal of Contento Marketing. “The feedback I received from my clients regarding design and price was extraordinary. It sparked my idea to partner with TouchAmerica on our own custom retail solutions. I’m especially excited about our portable, convertible displays to take advantage of the growing trend toward wellness outside of the spa. Retail displays can be rolled into a corporate meeting or out to poolside. The opportunities are endless.”


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