TouchSuite Adds Apple Pay Capability

TouchSuite has announced that its entire line of Firefly point of sale solutions are now fully equipped to accept Apple Pay, among its growing variety of advanced payment options.  The integration of Apple Pay technology expands the opportunity for TouchSuite’s thousands of Firefly POS clients to accommodate a greater, growing number of consumers that have come to depend on NFC as a preferred payment method. “The variety of payment options available today is a great and empowering thing for the consumer, but for the SMB retailer that desires to be fully compliant, with each new advancement in the payment industry comes a host of unanticipated challenges and expenses,” says CEO Sam Zietz. “Our goal at TouchSuite is to alleviate those concerns for our clients by staying on the pulse of industry technology, so that before they start to feel the pressure of a growing demand we are telling them that the innovation is already available within the very solution they are currently using every day.  The integration of Apple Pay is just another great example of this.”

Apple Pay is only the latest technology TouchSuite has added to its roster of payment options presented through Firefly.  Just last month, TouchSuite announced that Firefly became the first ever point of sale solution fully integrated with synchronized, commercially viable EMV processing capabilities.  Additionally, the solution offers other NFC payment options, including Google Wallet, as well as one of the most advanced gift card exchange programs available on the U.S. market. The marketing suite will also soon offer users a one-step, design-to-delivery print piece solution that allows them to oversee everything from layout, to print, to delivery via USPS, all from within their POS system.