Tracy Anderson Named Spokeswoman for Ecco Bella

Tracy Anderson, global fitness expert and creator of the Tracy Anderson Method workoutThis month, Tracy Anderson, global fitness expert and creator of the Tracy Anderson Method workout, joins organic beauty company Ecco Bella as its official spokeswoman in its Discover Intelligent Beauty movement. The movement is an innovative approach to improve how women view themselves and their impact in the world. This partnership will also focus on empowering women to boost their self-esteem while maintaining healthy, fulfilling lifestyles. Ecco Bella was founded by social entrepreneur and CEO Sally Malanga in 1992, and has been a pioneer in natural and organic cosmetic products for more than 23 years. Anderson and Malanga are collaborating to create pure beauty products with a commitment to social responsibility, effective clean ingredients, and the environment. “When I met Sally, her philosophy of speaking out for social causes and her gratitude to the natural world for our beauty and wellbeing made me want to unite my fitness philosophy with her beauty vision,” says Anderson. “Sally is an advocate for nature and that’s what makes her the beauty industry’s best kept secret. I believe in the vital need to get back to nature as much as possible with beauty. I also believe strongly in the feminine power to be expressive and artistic with makeup.”




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