The Ultimate Bikini Wax Price Guide: How Do Your Prices Add Up?

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Is your spa charging the right amount for a bikini wax? The bikini wax, a far more intrusive treatment than a manicure or pedicure, causes clients to seek a trusted, reputable esthetician as well as an affordable one in their home country. But with travel trends on the rise, there is an ongoing interest in pricing for various beauty treatments that might interest clients at their destination. In response to this growing trend,, Latin America’s leading e-Commerce platform, released the 2017 Beauty Price Index. The study compared the cost of various beauty products and services, including the in-demand bikini wax, across 50 countries.

“Getting a Brazilian wax before going on holiday is as commonplace as stocking up on sunscreen, a costly item which travelers often purchase once they arrive at their destination to save money," says Andreas Mjelde, CEO of Linio. "There’s no reason why beauty treatments such as waxing should be any different.”

The Beauty Price index revealed that many popular vacation destinations such as Costa Rica, Thailand, and Spain offer bikini waxes at a fraction of the cost compared to Europe and North America. Considering the quality of wax treatments can be just as high in overseas salons as at home, clients might start to consider booking their treatments abroad rather than at home. Egypt, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, and India offer the least expensive bikini waxes, while Venezuela, Denmark, South Korea, Norway, and the U.S. are among the most expensive countries for the treatment.

The full results of the ranking can be found on Linio's results page.


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