Universal Companies Publishes Spa Inspiration Book

The Spa Inspiration BookUniversal Companies, supplier of professional spa products and equipment, has introduced The Spa Inspiration Book, a resource guide for professionals. Available on www.universalcompanies.com, the book features an assortment of treatment protocols, which include a menu description, an equipment and supplies checklist, and recommended retail products. “Our hope is that this book serves as a muse rather than just a resource for products,” says Brenda Elliott, CEO of Universal Companies. “In our search for products and solutions for our customers, we are continually inspired by a vast array of ideas and protocols that we are now excited to share in The Spa Inspiration Book, a limited-edition containing practical, unique approaches to grow your business. This book is designed to be enjoyed leisurely—to be leafed through while soaking in the tub, enjoying a glass of wine, or reclining on the couch after a long work day.” Other highlights of the book include menu ideas, online training resources, and business solutions gathered from educators, industry experts, and Universal Companies’ staff members and customers. “Businesses are about dreams, hopes, inspiration, and passion,” says Elliott. “By sharing more of what we’ve discovered from spa experts around the globe, we are offering not only products but also inspiration that enables our customers to provide greater value.”

For more information, visit www.universalcompanies.com.