Valmont Brand Unveils New Packaging

Valmont Prime Renewing PackValmont, a luxury skincare brand, is celebrating its 30th anniversary with an upgrade. Available March 2014, the company introduced an improved, more effective formula for the Prime Renewing Pack, an anti-stress cellular mask that smoothes the complexion. The product, which comes nestled in a box that sparkles like a diamond, now includes two exclusive Valmont anti-aging and anti-wrinkle ingredients: liposomed RNA, a powerful cell bio-activator that restores damaged cells, and Peptide+ Cocktail, which combines anti-wrinkle peptides with ginseng extract to stimulate microcirculation. The complex also features menthyl lactate, which stimulates, invigorates, and leaves behind a fresh sensation on the skin; titanium dioxide, which helps balance the hydrolipidic film with its blotting effect; and urea, a component of the natural moisturizing factor that holds water in the cells. Available May 2014, Valmont also unveiled Time Perfection, an anti-aging treatment, which helps fights all causes of skin aging.

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