Venture Programs Launches New Fitlife Program

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Venture Programs, a leading national insurance program administrator, has launched a new fitness, wellness, and spa program called Fitlife. The program was designed to improve the coverage quality, risk management, and claims handling available in the growing health and wellness industry.

The program provides a variety of insurance products and services for health clubs, tennis and racquet clubs, gyms, destination and day spas, aerobics, mind-body facilities, Pilates studios, and other niche fitness studios.

Fitlife is available through insurance agents and brokers across the U.S. with the exception of Louisiana, Montana, and Virginia. Policy holders receive an additional value via access to a new-to-market innovative risk management tool, aimed at improving safety and compliance, called Safety Tag. Safety Tag, a mobile, cloud-based platform, allows users to conduct background checks, track compliance, access safety files, and log injuries, among other feature options. Members are also granted access to other risk management services, including WellWorks, a program offering online fitness and nutrition tools, as well as a new resource center featuring optional safety reminders and checklists geared toward spa and fitness center risks.


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Insurance coverage includes property; crime; general and professional liability; liquor liability; commercial auto, cyber risk and privacy liability; and umbrella liability. Businesses working with Fitlife will receive the benefits of Venture’s exclusive relationship with a national insurance carrier.

“We recognized a demand in the fitness and wellness market for higher quality insurance services tailored to their specific needs,” says Philip J. Harvey, president of Venture Programs. “With Fitlife, we hope to help these business owners secure the superior coverage and claims services they need to succeed and grow.”


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