Vulsini Introduces Mobile Stone Heater

Vulsini IVulsini, manufacturer of the original mobile heating bag, has developed a mobile stone heater, Vulsini I, in the form of a portable bag. This new technology does not require water, making hot stone massage therapy mobile and more flexible. The bag can be transported while retaining heat even after it’s been disconnected, it's dual-powered, and features a car adaptor, allowing the stones to be pre-heated in transit. To use Vulsini I, lay clean dry basalt stones inside the bag and close. Then, plug the power lead into a standard grounded socket, press the on/off switch, and set the temperature on the digital thermometer. The stones heat up in 45 minutes until they reach a comfortable working temperature. Additionally, the stones maintain their heat when removed from the bag. In addition to Vulsini I, the company also introduced a Vulsini thermometer, which controls the temperature of the basalt stones or bamboo sticks while inside the Vulsini I bag.

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