Wake Up Call

It’s almost time to spring ahead and start Daylight Savings Time. Unfortunately for many, myself included, that means losing a much-needed hour of sleep. Falling short on Z's can lead to a host of health issues, including hypertension, diabetes, depression, cancer, and obesity according to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, so it’s time to get serious about good sleep. Surinda Oberai Cavanagh, spa director and Ayurvedic consultant at The Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa (Stowe, VT), shared a few tips for making the most of the nighttime hours for restful sleep.

  • Create an evening routine and stick to it!  Some things to include are warm baths, oil on the scalp and feet, reading and calming breathing practice.
  • Eat seasonally. Eat the foods that your body would expect to receive naturally. This is very stabilizing and grounding to the nervous system.
  • Some things to avoid in the evening are television, computers, alcohol and large heavy meals.
  • Herbs are helpful for inducing sleep.  Banyan Botanicals I Sleep Soundly is a great herbal formula to take before bedtime or the at-home herbal remedy, warm milk with nutmeg before bed.
  • Calming the mind is an essential part of sleep.  Making a list of tasks for the following day is a great way to clear the brain before bedtime.

What other activities lead to a restful sleep for you?