When was the last time YOU had a spa service?

If the answer is "Oh not for a long time or ever".. .YOU are in deep trouble. I booked an appointment with a  massage therapist and  he massaged me like a toothpaste tube, squeezing all the STRESS and tension out of me.   Wow, am I one happy woman. I asked him how often he gets massages and when was his last one.   He replied " Not in over a year".   How bad is this?   I think pretty bad.   He told me he was so stressed but no one at the spa had time to trade out with him and give him a massage.

I bumped into a woman who owns a spa in town and she looked so UNbeauty, while that may not be a word what I mean is she had unkempt nails, no makeup on, skin not at it's best (unless she is under lots of stress and has circumstances I do not know of) and looked and sounded so miserable.

Then in that same day I saw my stylist and he looked fresh and fabulous with a new cut and color and acted on top of the world!

Quite a different picture.

Why do some of us NOT practice what we preach? Why are some of us not only feeling bad but looking it too. How can we make other people have a passion for what we do if we don't look the part and feel  it too?

I urge you to practice what you do, take care of yourself  too and put yourself FIRST on the TO DO List. We can't sell SPA, beauty, stress relief and more if we are not LOOKING IT too! If you don't, your spa guests may go  elsewhere, where the grass is prettier and the staff and owner look and feel like a million.

My beauty pearls of wisdom for you: I have always said ...YOU are a walking billboard.

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