WTS International Collaborates with Coola Suncare and Living Earth Crafts

The Coola Cart WTS International (WTS), a consulting and management firm for spas, fitness, and leisure facilities, has teamed up with skincare brand Coola Suncare and spa equipment manufacturer Living Earth Crafts to create the Coola Cart, a mobile retail and point-of-sale trolley. “We saw an opportunity for our spas to grow sales while giving great customer service and approached Coola and Living Earth Crafts with the concept for the cart,” says Alfredo Carvajal, chief operating officer of WTS. Designed to drive business to the spa and increase retail sales, the cart takes spa products poolside to hotel guests. “The purpose of this venture was to extend the luxury services of the spa to the outdoors in a distinctive, attractive, and mobile way, and to drive sales,” says Melissa Mao, vice president of sales at Coola Suncare. “We find ourselves in a unique position with suncare, as it’s the one product that can help prevent visible signs of aging and skin cancer. The Coola Cart will, therefore, also promote awareness of these issues and increase the use of suncare products.” The products available from the cart include face, body, and lip products in lotion and spray form. Made by Living Earth Crafts, the cart is constructed from weather-resistant teak laminate and has a locking storage compartment to keep products secure, a product tray for stable mobility and presentation, and a Coola-branded umbrella for storage and weatherproofing. Says Susie Hammer, vice president of spa at WTS, “We’ve not only increased the spa’s exposure to pool guests, but we’ve also increased retail sales and performed some fun summertime services.”

For more information, visit www.wtsinternational.com.