Zen180 Launches New Meditation App

Zen180 AppBrain enhancement audio technology company Zen180 has introduced a free app. Created to help users focus, find creativity, and relieve everyday stresses, the app provides background audio to use while meditating, reading, and studying. The app features five enhancing audio programs, including Focused for reading or writing; Creative for brainstorming, creating music, art, and writing; Awakened for a boost of energy; Relaxed, to calm down; and Romantic, to reconnect with loved ones. Each audio program includes five- to 30-minute track choices, which uses 3D binaural beats to create a listening experience that spatially transcends normally recorded stereo, helping users better meditate and augment the five brainwave patterns: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta, and Gamma. “Scientists study meditation, and doctors recommend it to help reduce stress,” says president Noah Rasheta. “Millions of Americans practice it every day. Why? Because meditation works. Zen180 unleashes the mind’s potential.” 

For more information, visit www.zen180.com