Zenoti Releases Custom Reporting Dashboard

Zenoti DashboardZenoti, a cloud-based business management software company for the beauty and wellness industry, has launched a dashboard feature this month. The dashboard, which includes customizable reports, allows the user to view a daily snapshot of key spa business metrics, including sales performance, customer retention, and status of recurring membership collections. Users can also monitor performance against monthly targets and analyze long-term business trends for action-oriented insights. With the newly released dashboards, users can build customized reports with metrics of their choice instead of having to look through multiple datasets, which facilitates quicker decision making. “The newest addition to Zenoti is a one-of-a-kind approach to reporting that gives managers easy access to the data that matters to them, in the format they want to see it,” says vice president of products Anand Arvind. “These dashboards save managers hours that are usually spent building custom reports. Corporate managers also gain transparency into locations across their network of spas and salons.”

After launching in 2010, Zenoti’s software has evolved to support the spa industry front and back office needs. The beauty and wellness businesses have access to a substantial amount of data, and Zenoti aims to convert this data from mere numbers into opportunities. Future plans include upgrades so its comprehensive infrastructure will be compatible with additional business intelligence tools for large spa and salon brands.