Oasis Day Spa location
Peter Dressel photo
Oasis Day Spas have opened New York's first full service airport spa in JetBlue's Terminal 6 of the JFK International Airport. After a year of delays and red tape, the full-service airport spa is in full-swing, featuring quick spa treatments including massage, skincare, hair and nail care. The retail store offers spa products by GM Collins, as well as unique gift and travel items.

The partnership between Manhattan-based Oasis Day Spas and JetBlue airlines was announced in November of 2002, after a rigorous selection procedure that narrowed down the field to four successful spa operators. "Our company has a strong history of continuity," says Oasis CEO Bruce Schoenberg. "But JetBlue wanted more than a successful operator. They wanted a marketing relationship to further their brand. Our three Manhattan day spa locations turned out to be an ideal fit."

The first Oasis day spa in Union Square was founded in 1997 by husband and wife team Bruce and Marti Schoenberg. Bruce's background in business combined with his wife Marti's experience as a massage therapist has proved to be a winning formula. Bruce handles operations and marketing, and Marty handles retail and treatments. The company has been a marketing pioneer, hosting private events, spa parties, as well as forming the nation's largest outcall events team offering therapeutic services during charity events, corporate health fairs, and trade shows.

JetBlue will be moving to a new terminal in 2008, making Oasis Day Spa's tenure in Terminal 6 short-lived. "The return on investment in the next four years is a question mark," says Schoenberg. "But the venture is a great strategic move to drive the Oasis Day Spa brand. Six million people pass through the JetBlue terminal in a given year. If one percent visit an Oasis Day Spa, that's 60,000 new clients a year. How often do you get this type of opportunity to be in front of the public?"

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